Norgate Plugin Status repeatedly showing MAINT

I am running AmiBroker 6.20.1 64bit, with Norgate Plug-in 1.2.20 and Norgate Data Updater

Today I moved from a trial version of Norgate Data to a paid subscription. I have done a Check for Updates in the NDU and it looks like it downloaded some new data. NDU now shows no updates are available when I click "Check for Updates"

Now the orange Plugin Status MAINT (orange) sign at the bottom right of the AmiBroker window keeps appearing every few minutes. Each time I have right clicked on MAINT and it changes to OK (green). This has happened about 10 - 15 times so far this afternoon.

Can anyone tell me if this is normal behaviour or what could be wrong?


Hi Steve,

You should probably ask us directly on - however, I'm happy to answer it here.

The MAINT appears when there's any portion of the underlying database that changes that need to be synchronized into AmiBroker.

This could be anything along the lines of: fundamental data updates, symbol changes, dividend information, watchlist/index constituent changes, company classification changes, splits, security type changes, new listings, delistings etc. This can happen during the trading day (as symbols such as IPOs start trading for the first time, depending upon the market) or at various intervals during the night (we have dozens of data sources - they each deliver data to us on their own somewhat variable schedules, and quite often in blocks relating to their listing exchange too).

Since database maintenance in AmiBroker is user-initiated, we provide a notification of any possible maintenance no matter how small so you can decide when to run it.

@NorgateData - just an idea, if you did not do that already - you might consider using GetStatus function to provide more information about nature of update in the tooltip / bubble so user has some idea what is new and decide if he/she needs to do it "right now" . Something like "5 new symbols, 2 delistings"


@NorgateData - So what is the difference between clicking on the Check For Updates button in NDU versus right clicking on the MAINT within AmiBroker?

Also, what is the purpose of Automatic Update setting in NDU? I have this set but I am being asked to manually maintain the database by right clicking on the MAINT within AmiBroker.


Automatic Updates in NDU automatically downloads updates (prices, metadata etc.) into the Norgate Data database in the background. Price updates are provided on a schedule (see Information -> Schedule). You don't have to do automatic updates of course - you could turn it to manual and click on the "Check for Updates" button in NDU.

Price updates are automatically notified to AmiBroker once they are processed in the Norgate Data database.

However, all of the symbol metadata etc. must be manually initiated inside AmiBroker (it can be automated through AmiBroker's batch capability though).

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I have a follow up question regarding database maintenance after NDU downloads:
is it possible to trigger a maintenance update from outside amibroker with OLE? Or is there a workaround available?
During my research I found no method in the OLE documentation but just the possibility via batch-processing.
So my other question is, how can I tell AmiBroker with OLE to load an .abb File and execute it for database maintenance? I know how to do that with .apx files, but missing an idea to do it with .abb files as well.

Rather than starting AmiBroker via OLE to run a batch file, why not just use /runbatch command line argument:

Requires AB 6.41+