Norgate: "The database has been changed"

Hi all,
I've had a popup appear a few times saying "The database has been changed. Do you want to save the most recent changes?"

I'm not aware of having changed anything manually. I do have the Norgate NDU plugin as data source, though, but I haven't had this turn up until fairly recently.
I'm on 6.39.1, Windows 10 Pro.

Here's a scenario when it happens:
I update the database from Norgate plugin and run through the maintenance (get a green OK).
Then I close Amibroker. I then restart Amibroker again and close it without doing anything with it. I get this popup.
I think maybe it has something to do with the plugin, because even if I have a green OK after restart, if I maintain the database (the green OK doesn't change and no updates are indicated) and then close Amibroker, the popup does not appear.

It's no big deal maybe, but I'm not sure what is going on. Any ideas?

When an update occurs in Norgate Data Updater, if that update consists of price data we'll send a signal to AmiBroker that new data has arrived and Amibroker should refresh any open charts.

If the update consists of symbol/groups/classifications/fundamentals metadata then we'll flag MAINT in the bottom right hand corner of AB. The maintenance process will also force a refresh of price data too.

It sounds like you've ticked this box recently in Tools -> Prefernces -> Miscellaneous (the default is unticked):

It's a good idea to keep a record of all AmiBroker settings, as a change in many of them can result in a lot of diagnostic time trying to figure out what has changed.


Thanks for your quick reply Richard!
Yes, I might have turned on that setting by accident.
It seems like with this turned on, you have to run maintenance before you exit, even though there are no database changes (eg. data updater not running).

I will turn it off and not worry about it.
All the best,

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