Norgate Watchlists could not be open for writing

After upgrading to AmiBroker Version 6.35.1, I began receiving messages when I stop AmiBroker or whenever Norgate does database maintenance. The message:
C:\ProgramFiles (X86)\AmiBroker\Databases\ABNorgateData\Watchlists\index.txt can not be open for writing.
In that file are 15 entries.
I have to click each one of the 15 to get past them.
I have deleted and recreated this file but the same error condition exists.
Is there something I need to do on Norgate to resolve this problem?
I have not had any problems with Norgate since migrating from Premium Data to the current Norgate Data over 6 months ago.
Thank you for any assistance with this.

Somehow the permissions on your database folder have changed from when the database was first created.

We've occasionally seen the "Users" group lose permissions on the Program Files\AmiBroker folder possibly as a result of a Windows Upgrade, but it's usually because a "Full Install" hasn't been done with AmiBroker.

Firstly, backup your computer. Then run the AmiBroker Installer and elect to do a "Full Install".

If you're using AmiBroker 64 bit it's probably a good idea to put your database folder inside C:\Program Files\AmiBroker\Databases. Consider creating a new database to try this out (File -> New Database, navigate to the C:\Program Files\AmiBroker\Databases folder, create a new database in there, set it to Norgate Data plugin and follow the rest of the steps here:

PS - You'll get quicker support if you contact

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