Not all imported data showing

Hi all, first post here! Apologies if my problem has been answered, but couldn't find anything in forums and in the guide.

Basically, just bought Amibroker yesterday to do some backtesting on Australia index futures. No programming experience, and first time buying data to test on.Data purchased from

I have a 5 second bar CSV file with just 7 columns, (Date, time, OHLC, Volume). It's from Jan 2019 to May 2020. File is 44mb.

The file took probably 30 minutes-1 hour to load, after I put it through the Import Wizard (is that normal?), but have a couple of problems:

  1. I can only view the data as daily/weekly or monthly bars.
  2. It only shows 1 year of data (2 Jan 2019 - 13 Dec 2019).

Would appreciate any pointers, and apologies if I overlooked something really obvious!


As written in the manual:

"Changing bar interval (periodicity)
Please note that intraday intervals are disabled if your database is in end-of-day mode. Intraday modes are available only for databases that have "Base time interval" in File->Database Settings set to anything less than end-of-day. If you for example set "Base time interval" in File->Database Settings to 5-minute, all chart periodicities from 5-minutes up will be enabled."

Thanks, got it to work now!

It should not take that long. Even on an average machine it would be measurable in seconds.

There is an article that explains it. Check the order of the data.

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