Not every symbol on Yahoo has Statistics page, was: Amiquote 4.0 cannot download


It show yahoofinance offers no key statistics for this symbol. I have tried to download Hong Kong stocks.

AmiQuote can only download Fundamental Extra data for stocks that have "Statistics" page on Yahoo web site. Some symbols don't have such page. You can't download something that doesn't exist. You need to check manually whenever given page exits for particular symbol.

Example: MSFT has Statistics page:


But SPY (ETF) does NOT have statistics page


Similar situation exists in non-US stocks (some of them don't have Statistics page)

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HI, What if there are data on the Statistic Page but still show "yahoo finance offers no key statistics for this symbol", How can I solve it?

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You are reviving VERY OLD post (4 years old) that is NO LONGER relevant.

The solution is here:

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