Not seeing eSignal as an option in Datasource

Trying to connect to eSignal, followed these instructions. I'm using a fresh install of the 64 bit version of Amibroker 6.43.1. I've subscribed to eSignal RT ~$250/month, downloaded the eSignal data manager version 10.6. I'm logged into data manager successfully.

When I follow the instructions to create a new database in AB, I don't see the eSignal plugin available.
I've restarted, but nothing seems to get eSignal to show up as a datasource in the AB dropdown. Suggestions?

You can check broker.log file and it will show exact reason why eSignal plugin is not loading, but in 99% of cases this is due to missing runtime as
eSignal is compiled with older VC2005 runtime, that you need to install separately

Instructions and links are here:

Link to Microsoft C++ 2005 runtime:

Thanks for the prompt reply. That did it!
Now it's 99.1% of the time.

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