Not subscribed to data, was: Unable to fill data from Interactive Broker plug-in


I have gone through the material listed here and in the guide, on creating new database using Interactive Brokers plug-in. Have done the settings in TWS in global configuration. The plug-in shows connected "CONN". However, have been unsuccessful in my endeavor (despite spending 2 hours). Giving me the following errors listed below. I am trying for the following symbols (format of SYMBOL-EXCHANGE-TYPE-CURRENCY):
NSE data is available free.

Will be grateful if someone could guide me.



Exception (#2) caught when calling Notify() function in
IB.dll data plug-in.

Contact data plugin vendor.





@cgshah the images you posted show that the message returned form TWS is: "No market data permission for NSE STK".

So I suspect you have to check your IB data market subscription configuration and verify that you have a "real-time" data subscription (paid, free or part of a bundle does not matter) for the requested tickers (free "delayed" data, AFAIK, will not return any data to the AmiBroker IB plugin).

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OK...Sure will check with them...Thanks and regards,

That is precisely the case - you are NOT subscribed to real time data from NSE. You need to subscribe to particular exchange in order to get the data via IB Account Settings

ok,,.thanks and regards,

Great the problem is resolved...Thanks for guiding...

is this solved? i was able to add and get data from NIFTY19FEBFUT-NSE-FUT-INR but not from BANKNIFTY19FEBFUT-NSE-FUT-INR.
Similarly from TCS19FEB2000CE-NSE-OPT-INR able to get data but not from NIFTY19FEB10700CE-NSE-OPT-INR

I have market data subscription and checked the api gateway the request messages are not getting passed to IB API for these kind of symbols. Please find the snapshot of popup error.


I wrote already and it is still valid:

Also see this: Chart not updating in real time of index data from IB

Thanks, i have put my comment on the same thread you have given as reference.i have realtime market data subscription for NSE able to backfill data for all stocks , few index futures and few stock options alone. It seems there s some issue with futures and options data for certain symbols for NSE with ib plugin and i suspect issue at IB end or plugin for those symbol with respect to naming and calling the IB api.

Good Morning,
if the message displayed is like the attached image, what is the solution? to note that I am listed on the requested market (NASDAQ), and the IB normally gives me real-time prices for this stock.IB_consult symbology_symbol-Invalid

You have to ADD the symbol in AmiBroker (Symbol->New)

Dear Tomasz, This is exactly the path I followed, and I did it again, maybe I had made a mistake, but I get the same message as in the picture above. I also wish you a Merry Christmas.

The screenshot is super small. I don't know what you did, I don't know if you selected the symbol, you did not describe it and I don't see your computer screen. You are expecting doctor to diagnose without looking at the patient. Things don't work that way. If you expect help, make effort in describing precisely what you did. Send the entire picture not some super small fragment.

Please follow this advice: How to ask a good question

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The symbol you asked for me (rightly and sorry for the omission) is FTEK ( Also (if it is possible to refer to this topic here) I noticed another problem. The base I have is 5 minutes intraday. But in Quote Editor I see that it writes the data minute by minute to every other symbol that is updated in the database. (attached image). It's something I see for the first time on a real time basis. Is this normal?




Did you enter this symbol manually or imported it via ASCII importer?
If later is the case, you need to know that such symbols are marked as "use only local database for this symbol" (please check this in Symbol->INFORMATION window) and as such they are excluded from real-time update as documented in the manual:

I'm aware of this feature (Continuous quotation or Use only local database). All symbols have been entered manually on different days and not all together (depending on interest). I did the same for the "FTEK" symbol. All symbols are marked as Continuous quotation. Also, if you have the kindness please tell me about the data presented per minute in the Quote Editor (in all symbols), while the base is 5 minutes.

Interactive Brokers plugin does not support 5 minute aggregation. You should configure database exactly as it is described in the manual i.e. 1-minute as base time interval.
You can display charts of ANY N-minute interval including 5-minute by selecting
View->Intraday->5 minute.

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New symbol with the same (like post #13) promblem ("symbol is invalid"). Ticker symbol = AVGR

As you can see the message is:

Symbol '' is invalid

Note that there are quotes and the string inside quotes is EMPTY. Which means that plugin received EMPTY symbol which obviously is incorrect. As to why empty symbol names are passed - you need to find the answer yourself as I don't sit before your computer screen and I don't touch your computer so I don't know what you are doing and what is happening on your end.

I think that from the attached image it does not seem that what you mention is correct.