Objects - Can I see under the hood?

Hi everyone

Im extremely green with regards to OOP.

Is there a way to see a drop down list of methods and properties for an object, in the same way as when we begin to type a function and we get a drop down list with all the functions listed?

If no, how can I see what methods and properties are available to a object?


@kgalea if you scroll down the page in the user guide you can find a list of the methods and properties for the objects. No "drop down" list that I am aware of.



I saw that... I will have to look closer. Its all so new, still getting my head around it.

is there a way to see the methods and properties like I mentioned above?

You can press CTRL+SPACE key, after object identifier and a dot, for the list of methods in CBT. Note that the list displayed is hard-coded and it is fixed, the editor does not compile/run your code on the fly as you are typing and does not check the object type at the object while you are typing.

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Thanks Tomasz, this is what I wanted to know.

Thanks for the extra advice also

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