ODBC Plugin questions

Hi @Tomasz

  1. As per this post http://www.amibroker.com/devlog/2014/11/11/odbc-plugin-updated-to-version-1-6-0/
    there is ODBC plugin 1.6.

But as per this page: http://www.amibroker.com/odbc.html

It says 1.4.

Can you please provide version 1.6?

  1. Can we please have the Source code the ODBC Plugin 64x bit please?

  2. I am hiring a C++ guy to hack the plugin so I can bulk import Custom fields from mySQL table in just One Call and that includes String Array data as well.

I need your bit of guidance on How this data should be parsed to create Numeric and String arrays?

  1. So If i can achieve what i mentioned in 3) then I do not even need the OSAKA plugin as I am bulk importing columns also creating String Array. This is my Understanding.
  1. That is funny. If you actually downloaded those files from http://www.amibroker.com/odbc.html before posting you would find that they are up-to date. They are currently version 1.7.0.

  2. The source is identical for 32-bit and 64-bit and already available http://www.amibroker.com/odbc.html

  3. Arrays in AFL hold numbers only. See Arrays of strings . How to create numeric array - is explained in the ADK docs and is pretty obvious for every C++ programmer. In short numeric array is the array of float (each element 4 bytes). You can allocate array result using gSite.AllocArrayResult - see sample codes included in the ADK. There is no point of repeating all info and samples included in the ADK here.

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I have had the same experience. I just visited http://www.amibroker.com/odbc.html

The page title states “Version 1.4.0”. I downloaded the source code, which appears to be version 1.5 (#define PLUGIN_VERSION 10500) and it does not include fields for Aux1 and Aux2.

I didn’t check the .dll file versions.

If you checked them you will find that they are 1.7.0
Would you rather prefer having page title 1.7.0 or actual DLL files 1.7.0

Edit: I updated page title

Sorry, but the fact that I give source codes away for free is courtesy. Free means not maintained much (they are still maintained when I have free time, because no one pays for that it has to wait for things that actually generate income)

I do indeed appreciate that you provide source code. It just seemed that the source files were unintentionally left behind when you updated the plugin.

I updated ODBCSrc.zip too to be 1.7.0. The differences are cosmetic.

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