# of Open Positions in Account


I count 20 Open Positions in my Account but Equity History has # of Open Pos = 6.
Any help appreciated.


@eseward1, so add 14, or subtract 14, whichever is needed.

Yes that is a flippant answer.

Think about your question. How is anyone going to be able to help you?

Please read How to ask a good question

And additionally you may want to read How to use this site

Then, ask your question, but make sure you post your CODE - using code blocks. Then the many knowledgeable and helpful members can have a shot at helping.

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Thank you for your reply.
How do I attach the .acx file? (No code is involved).
Have read all the above referenced.

Best regards,

@eseward1, I have not had to attach anything, but the 7th icon in the line above your typing area - looks like a small landscape picture, to the right of the code button says "Upload".

Ed, you need to describe the problem in more detail. Screenshots help! From the SINGLE sentence that you wrote, without seeing your computer and without all the things that you know about your setup and background information that you assume that everyone has, but no-one really does, no-one is going to understand what the problem is.

Snoopy, thanks much.

Tomasz, thank you. I am aware of that. Did not know how to post screenshots or .acx files.

It turns out that Equity History for this account is sorted by Date ascending, whereas all my other accounts are sorted by Date descending. I must have resorted it by mistake. My bad. Everything looking good now that I see my error.

Thanks much for your responses.


Posting screenshots is super easy. Just take a screenshot (you can use built in Windows Snipping tool), COPY (Ctrl+C) from snipping tool and PASTE it (press Ctrl+V key) directly into forum reply field and the forum will auto-magically upload the picture inside your post.

Everything is described in great detail here: How to use this site

Thanks much Tomasz.


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