Official AmiQuote Documentation in the Tiingo Knowledgebase

Hi All,

We've now included official optimal AmiQuote settings in the Tiingo Knowledgebase documentation. You would get this explainer if you E-mailed our support, but now it is available to the general public.

Great work @Tomasz


This knowledgebase article shows you how to use Tiingo IEX HIstorical Intraday data with AmiQuote: How to integrate Tiingo and AmiQuote and AmiBroker - Tiingo API Integrations

This uses the user-definable data source as created by @Tomasz


Thanks for this @Rishi_at_tiingo I look forward to trying this

@Rishi_at_tiingo - thanks for this...

I am a happy Norgate customer but I would like to have multiple sources... just in case something happens :man_shrugging:

Do you offer prepayment plans if I user pay for a full year or more in advance?

@Rishi_at_tiingo just sat down to work with this and the page can't be found. Bad link or site issues?

Hey @MCassICT we were running some maintenance on the KB this weekend. You should now see the links working.

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