Official release of Norgate Data - 1 Jun 2018

Norgate Data is pleased to announce that the is now live and open for stock market, futures and forex data subscriptions.

Key features include the backtesting capabilities on current and past index constituents, ability to create dynamic watchlists with configurable filters, overhauled security classifications, fundamental data, configurable price adjustments for different types of corporate actions including cash dividends, configurable date padding and a range of new economic and commodity data.

Many thanks to the dedicated alpha and beta testers using AmiBroker who have really helped shape our new service.

We will continue to support our legacy "Premium Data" systems but there will be no features added to that platform.


That's really great news!
I'm trying it out already!

This is a FANTASTIC upgrade that puts Norgate solidly in the lead for those of us that are serious about data quality and efficiency! Updates occur in a fraction of the time, and dividend-adjustment is now available. If you're on the fence, I highly recommend it. I've used every other data provider out there from the free ones, to the $10 a month ones, and the other big provider of end of day data, and Norgate's new offering is head-and-shoulders above the rest.
In addition, installation was a breeze with step by step instructions. I'd be happy to answer any questions of my experience with the new product.
Tony R

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Congratulations @NorgateData for product launch. Thank you for supporting AmiBroker!


It is the best AmiBroker database for EOD data, including economic fundamentals. But the best feature is that it gives you all index historical constituents and delisted stocks, so, if you have written a system which uses, say, S&P 500 stocks, you can backtest it, historically, without survivorship bias, Each market index has an associated watchlist, built dynamically everytime you update the database, so you can use it in your AB program directly, no need to find out the constituents from other resources. Outside that, you have all equities dividend adjusted and the daily updates are done really fast, in about 10 seconds or so.
All in all, a great product!

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A great review of NorgateData from Alvarez Quant here: