Official release, when?

I'm patiently waiting for the Official release of Amibroker any idea when it will be? I can't use the previous official release some of my AFL contains GUI buttons and other new stuff

Current 6.28 is as good/stable as official.

6.29 will be released in June. 6.30 will be basically the same as 6.29 plus updated docs. Will appear sometime in summer.

As I mentioned many times there is NO quality difference between official and BETA. AmiBroker's BETA versions are stable, because I don't write code badly first and fixing it later. I write code that is good from the very beginning, so it is as good as it can only be, in attempt to never need to write it again. Sure mistakes happen, there might be some quirks with NEW functionality that get polished over time, but BETAs are not intentionally worse. I don't turn the code upside down. I make all changes so they don't break the code. There are no junior programmers doing damage. I just scribble the code when programming work is already completed in perfect shape in my mind.

FWIW, I am not as good as Amadeus as he almost never corrected his manuscripts and I am correcting mine but the goal is obvious :slight_smile:


Hi Tomasz,

I am an Amibroker fan and have bought and renewed the license for perhaps almost a decade. Touch wood. One thing that makes me worried is what happens to Amibroker if you fall seriously sick. After all, Amadeus fell sick early and died young. Are there developers who can take over your great work? Please start grooming some great developers to take over your great work. I don't mind suffering some temporary irritating bugs as a result of junior developers learning to be as good as you. Bottom line, don't let Amibroker die with you.

Thank you for your great work.

Don't worry. There are 2 young people that I am teaching personally that could take over the work if something happens.


Phew. That's a relief. Hopefully, they are 10x kickass engineer like you. Better still, even better than you. Haha.

@tomasz, I think that the problem with the term "BETA" is not about code quality. We all know that it's always exceptional (Till now, Amibroker have never failed to me :wink:).

You are continually adding new funcionality (keywords, functions, ...) to Amibroker. It's possible that a new function has initially two parameters and after two beta versions you think (or user feedback makes you think) that its better to add it a third parameter, or split into two functions with one parameter each one, or change its behavior, for example.

When I see the term BETA I think that there are new features whose syntax/behavior still could change.

When all functionality is fixed the beta version can be converted to official version.

I think that this is the usual meaning of terms official and beta we are used to.

@LeoCV you are right of course. But generally if changes are made (even in BETA) then if only possible they are done in backward compatible way.


Thanks for posting this. I had the same idea and was waiting for the official release for some time. Being a consultant all my life, Beta for most companies (ie Microsoft) meant "do not use in production" . I will update mine in a few days. Thanks!

So, when will 6.29 beta be released?

It's almost ready. There were some unforeseen circumstances that caused delay to original plan plus the fact that I have implemented some things that were not originally planned but submitted recently via Feedback Center.

BTW: this anticipation is actually nice change compared to the time when betas were released every week and no-one seemed to care :slight_smile: Now it looks like some are actually looking forward :slight_smile:


Many are looking forward silently also, and gratful to users like @butsy for the nudge.
And now even more curious for "plus the fact that I have implemented some things that were not originally planned but submitted recently via Feedback Center."

With Regards

Sanjiv Bansal


I am also silently waiting. Have been an Amibroker user since 2005 and have been impressed with the quality of the programming, I cannot remember a single hickup that affected my trading. Well done Tomasz and thank you!


Tomasz, Once again, thank you for building Amibroker. This is an awesome and powerful platform!

I too am looking forward to the 6.29 and the enhancements. Would you consider providing a "Technology Road Map" listing the work in progress (for the next beta release). Perhaps having a "Wish List" section here in the community forum, where can "up-vote" the list to help prioritize future features. I am aware of the Amibroker member feedback section for bug reports and wishes, but perhaps some of those items may no longer be necessary or it might be interesting to start with a clean slate on this forum to reduce your workload and roll out enhancements on a scheduled basis.

One last thing, while we may not state it frequently enough, I think I can speak for the entire community that your hard work and the updates you provide are ALWAYS anticipated and welcomed!


Thanks to everybody for kind words. New version is getting closer, although weather does not help (it makes you thinking more about swimming pool than work) :slight_smile: :swimming_man: