Offline Analysis using Symbols from Interactive Brokers


Last Friday something strange happened and I am still unable to fix it. I was testing one of my strategies using AmiBroker (AB) and it was connected with a demo account of Interactive Brokers (IB) (I have an actual trading account also with IB) for accessing real-time data. There was a sudden power cut and the Internet was turned off and the data connection was lost. I received a popup message from AB about data being disconnected and it has to shut down. I clicked OK and again started AB once the Internet was up and running. This time I only started AB and not IB and therefore there was no connection between the two. When I tried to do the analysis of any kind (Scan, Explore, Backtest, etc.) using Symbols of IB, it simply hangs and does nothing (I have to go to the file and click on close). As such all the recent data from IB are available for all the Symbols and all the chars of IB Symbols are not showing any issue. However, if I turn IB on and connect it back with AB, analysis works. In my account, I have data both, from Yahoo as well as from IB. In the case of "Offline" it is working well with Yahoo data, but not with IB data (it was working well earlier, and as such, there is no change in strategy or AFL code). This happened only after the power cut and Internet breakdown issue, there was no such problem earlier. Kindly help in fixing this issue, and please let me know how to avoid such problems in the future.

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HI @Ghanshyam_Singh
Only an idea but...did you check your Analysis Settings ? It looks like you set "Waiting for Backfill" option on. So when AB is not connected to your database, your analysis waits forever. Hope it helps.


Yes, it was turned on, once I turned it off, it worked. Thanks a lot.

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