OHLC fields digit number length limit?

I am uploading number of outstanding shares of diffrent categories (promotors, institutions, retail etc) in OHLCV using Synthetic ticker using ASCII Import.

This number length is usually ~10 digit.

When i browse these numbers in Quote Editor also in “Output Watch” debugger these numbers are displayed converted to scientific notation.

Does that mean such long numbers (~10 digit) is saved in Scientific notation or as is?

Any length limit?

@Neil81 I am not sure but the 7 significant digits discussed in this article may be of relavance to you.



Thanks @portfoliobuilder
Not that I completely understood that article, it appears like its rather talking about floating point precision considered in 32bit / 64bit.

My number is rather integer.

Again, may be I am misunderstanding this article.

@portfoliobuilder’s reply is precisely the answer to your question, so yes you misunderstood the article and you need to re-read it. It applies to all numbers in all computers on this planet.