OLE automation and realtime quote window

Is it possible to import a watchlist (or ticker list) to realtime quote window via OLE automation scripting? The reason I am looking for this is that I want a certain watchlist (whose ticker list changes everyday) to be up to date continuously throughout the day. I am aware of the Backfill method (using wait method), but that is not as robust as the realtime quote window. However, I don't see a way to automatically add the ticker list to the realtime quote window everyday, automatically via scripting. Any insight is appreciated.

Seems I have found the solution, so I'll post it here in case it helps someone else later. In each database directory, there is a file called broker.watch. Each list in that file contains the symbols that appear in the realtime quote window under that list. This can be modified by, for example, an afl or python script and then when the DB is loaded, these symbols will appear in the RT window.


i need to create a realtime data to amibroker by using python code, now i have DB file for realtime data , could you share your code and tips for realtime updation in amibroker!!

Hi here, I cannot help you with this, I just have a similar question about accessing the Interactive Brokers plug-in. Is there any way to get access to the commands: "Reconnect" and "Backfill All RT quote window symbols" so that I can run them every 5 or 10 minutes automatically ? I know about the option of backfill on first data access and wait for backfill, but it only works for the 100 symbols I am subscribed to on IB. If I have 500 symbols in my RT quote window I can backfill all 500 manually even though I am only subscribed to 100 no problem. It would be really helpful to automate that. Thanks a lot for any advice and solution. So any OLE access to these commands or any other way to automate ?

I am not sure. But If I remember well I use to run a "Scan" to update the Symbols.

// run on scan mode,
Buy= 0;    //zero means no output in AAnalysis window

Maybe you can run this scan on a watch-list, to update the database.

I hope it still working with this way

No unfortunatelly not, I had already tried that before, when running exploration or scan it only requests the backfill for the 100 streaming symbols out of the 500 total in the quote window. Thanks anyway maybe someone else has another workaround or idea ?

is using vendor-specific Data plugin command from the batch window useful for executing my two commands maybe ?

Could someone please answer my question ?