OLE automation optimisation

Hi, I'm trying to run LOADS of tests (different afl scripts) on multiple symbols using OLE automation. I've tried using AnalysisDoc(s) (but this requires having to create lots of analysis files/.apx files or constantly having to edit the same one programmatically) and also Analysis to do this, though it seems Analysis is obsolete/deprecated? Is this the case or not?

Is there a more optimal/better/faster way of achieving what I want, compared to what I've tried?

Thanks in advance!

Hello advaithmerwade,

please have a look at this post in the forum:


  1. You have to call AB via OLE from any external app you develop
  2. Your external app could parse xml and rewrite the *.apx for necessary items

So you can use the same *.apx and mod the xml @runtime ...

Please remember: This is a tweak, this is not recommended by Amibroker and you should exactly know what you do ...

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Non sense. Analysis is neither obsolete nor deprecated but is getting updated continuously.

As for multiple already opened analysis windows.

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Moreover, .APX are simply XMLs, which makes it perfect for all sort of automation.

Plus using Batch all sorts of things (tests) can be synchronized, stored, reused...

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