Ole error code 800a01ce

Hello all :slight_smile:

I have been running a specific OLE code for a while now and today for the last couple of days have been getting the error below... I am not sure what this means, can anyone please help me try figure it out?


Some background:

  • I have a .js that I run daily that runs multiple scans in a sequence and adds/removes symbols from watchlists, performs some rankings, finds some patterns... nothing too wild. Code at the bottom.

  • The formulas saved in each .apx are all AFL and all have an #include_once statement
    #include_once "Formulas\Custom\Functions and Procedures.afl"

  • Using Norgate for my main database, Yahoo (just a few symbols) and experimenting with Tiingo (new).

I don't "think" I have done anything new recently except give Tiingo free a shot...

Please help :smiling_face_with_tear:

AB = new ActiveXObject("Broker.Application"); 

Project1 = "C:\\Amibroker\\Scripts\\Settings\\1-Maintenance.apx"
NewA = AB.AnalysisDocs.Open(Project1);

if (NewA) { 
    while (NewA.IsBusy) 

Project2 = "C:\\Amibroker\\Scripts\\Settings\\2-Universe.apx"
NewA = AB.AnalysisDocs.Open(Project2);

if (NewA) { 
    while (NewA.IsBusy) 
// repeated 5 more times... 

Since the error occurs at the 1-Maintenance.apx file (first one) I thought that maybe pasting it below would help also... this is ran on current symbol, one bar.



	for (i=Watchlist0;i<=Watchlist3;i++) {
		for (u=0;(Symbol=StrExtract(CategoryGetSymbols(categoryWatchlist,i),u))!="";u++) {



Hello shavedlemon,

remote host for OLE is your Windows workstation itself in instance of Amibroker (AB) loaded. So you call the "Amibroker service" out of your user context via some .js workspace. This pipe is not possible at time of execution because AB cannot "answer", why ever ...

Please remember:

  1. Windows OLE only works on first loaded AB instance ( Broker.exe ), so check Broker.exe is loaded once only. You could check this in Windows taskmanager. In any case Broker.exe is reported twice or more you have to terminate every Broker.exe via "Terminate task". This situation is always sub-optimal ...

  1. It would be a very well idea to restart your Windows workstation and start from new beginning/startup
  2. Did you change your Windows rights system? To execute OLE your user context should have the necessary Windows rights and your local firewall should enable this to Broker.exe process
  3. Did you setup/install new Windows patches?
  4. Check your PC for Virus activity
  5. Check your PC for unkown loaded software in Windows taskmanager, terminate these process/services immediately

AB OLE works perfect just in time on my W11 with current patch level.

Best regards,


The remote server machine does not exist or is unavailable error suggest that the external JS is unable to connect to Broker.Application.

Is OLE working in native AFL? If yes, then most likely the Antivirus is preventing that JS.

If disabling the Antivirus does not resolve, best solution would be to do a System Restore to more than a week prior restore point (to be safe with data backup).

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Thank you @Pietro and @Cougar for your answers... now that I know where to look more or less I will start experimenting and post the solution (maybe?)... thanks again, have a great day.

This has nothing to do with AmiBroker. It is generic JScript error. Use Google to find relevant solutions:


Strange thing about it is that it says "remote", while it should really be trying to access LOCAL computer. Usual culprits: missing OLE registration, antivirus playing games, Windows User that does not have enough permissions, broken Windows

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