OLE set TickSize as single

I am filling out symbol information thru some C# OLE code. When I tried to pass a single float value of 0.00001 into AB, the value of the tick size displayed in AB's symbol info window shows 1e-05 ? Any reason why?

What you are referring to is scientific notation!

Presumably you will have to care of it from C# before passing it to AB. Try Double instead of Float.

lol, yes I know it is scientific notation, and yes I did go to school.

AB is fine with 0.0001, but not anything larger where it switches to the exponent version. And no the type passed in doesn't change this.

I read somewhere that AB supports up to 6 decimal digits. May be it is not for the tick size displayed in Symbol > Information.

@Sean I still go to school :rofl:

:slight_smile: Hang in there man!