One hour range explorer

would any esteem member help me finding the stocks with an explorer
which finds out the stocks which have narrow range one hour candle
compared to the range of one hour candles of last n days.?
n can be any number starting from 2.

Set periodicity to 1hr for "all symbols" and choose custom range for how many days to go back. Then, try giving below a whirl.

//Range & Hourly Bars in Day
n = 2;
bars = n * 6;             //6 hourly bars in a day
range = H - L;

nr_b = LLV(range,bars);

//need a filter to do exploration
Filter = Buy = 1;

//Add details to the exploration results
AddColumn(Buy,"Buy array",1.2);
AddColumn( range, "Range" );
AddColumn(nr_b, "NR_Hourly_Bars" );
SetSortColumns(5); //sorting nr_b column in ascending order