Only 1 thread working during optimization

My desktop config:
CPU: Intel Core i7-3930K @3.20GHz, L2 Cache 1536KB/64bit, 6 cores 12 threads
RAM: 32683MB@1600MHz
HDD: SSD NVMe Samsung Avg. R/W 1032MB/s


Much more slower laptop uses up to 8 threads with the same formula and data and optimization takes 22 minutes.
#pragma maxthreads 8 - no change

Maybe before complaining you start with reading the docs ?

and this

Everything is in the Users’ manual.

Hi, Tomasz

Thank you very much for your advice.

Running Individual Optimize cause usage of all 12 threads. The time needed for whole optimization decreased to 45 min. This is twice more then slower laptop with the same data and formula (22 min.) and did not required Individual Optimization. Used formula is very simple and meets all recommendation described in guide.

Let me know, if you have idea what’s the reason, please.

Best regards


Either you are comparing apples to oranges (like testing different date range, using different settings, quickafl, etc) or it sits idle waiting most of the time for data - your disk is slow, or your computer is busy doing something else (like Antivirus background scan). Antiviruses easily can kill computer performance down. There are dozens of possible reasons outside of AmiBroker. You need to locally hire somebody who knows how computers work. The same as you go to the doctor locally, not asking seeking medical advice over internet.

Besides if you claim that your laptop did not require “individual optimization” and it run 8 threads then it means for sure that you DID NOT test the same thing, because to run many threads on single symbol you simply HAVE TO use individual optimization.


I do not think I need foreign help. I have been working with computers for 40 years and I know hardware and software in detail. I was attracted by the results of two equally configured systems I’m using for testing. Both differ only in HW performance. The expected results attracted me because the less efficient system needed for a trivial task just a half time rather than a more efficient system. Using CPU on laptop was about 60% on desktop 5%. I will try to use any deeper analysis of this behavior and inform you in case of any relevant results. If you have no idea what could happen, we can close this case.


All that I am saying is that there is not a single line of code in AmiBroker that would run slower on faster hardware. For example when I run on my new box (i7 8700K) it runs something like 2.5-3 times faster than on i7 920.