Only 64-bit editions?

I am testing base of the idea to move entirely to 64-bit. How about dropping support for 32-bit entirely. Do you still use 32-bit? I am only asking people with "License Verified" status.

Most of the plug-in's are 32bit, not sure how the vendor/broker will upgrade to 64bit.
It will affect following component sas per my experience

  1. Data feed
  2. Broker bridge
  3. Generic bridge ( like Presto)

If they are not having option then they will .....


No, most supported plugins are already 64-bit

FastTrack will be 64-bit soon, so only TC2000 will remain but this can be solved too.

As for 3rd party (unsupported) plugin authors that did not even ask us for permission to use ADK commercially and did not use registered plugin IDs (even though they are required to do so) they will need to adapt.

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As long as the most popular in Poland (and the best) plugin for WSE (Warsaw Stock Exchange) - Statica, is available only in 32-bit version, I'm against this idea :wink: I use it everyday.

@Milosz Statica is apparently developing 64-bit version too.

Tomasz, I've been hearing this from Statica guys for two years now, but they are saying that it's not a priority for them, so who knows when they are going to release it :wink:

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From engineering point of view it is just a task of recompiling existing sources with 64 bit compiler and eventually fixing few portability issues that will be reported by the compiler automatically.

Many vendors in INDIA, plugin is available only in 32-bit version.

So either this simple process takes two years in Statica labs :wink: or there are other, true "business" reasons why they are not willing to release it.

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I am a longstanding, satisfied user of 32 bit AmiBroker and have no compelling reason to switch to a 64 bit version.



A welcome move and good thought if this prohibit vulnerabilities and makes AmiBroker more secure.

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When I have such possibility (availability of 64-bit data plugin for my market) I will switch to 64-bit AmiBroker right away for many different reasons - among them larger address space and improved speed.

I don't use plugins & I have switched to 64bit with last release. However, I think you should use this moment to give heads up to people that are using 32bit plugins so they can put pressure on their vendors or come up with other alternatives.

Tomasz, if this is also a counter piracy move, then I support it. Good data providers (like Statica) will need to adapt and release their 64-bit plugins...

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I routinely use 32-bit and 64-bit instances at the same time with different 32/64 bit OLE clients. It's a convenient way to run two automation processes without interfering with each other. I would rather not lose this capability.

I am also a very satisfied, every day user that would rather not have to go through the hassle of upgrading to 64-bit.

Like @Steve, I use them both for a similar reason. I vote to keep the two versions.

Right now the Standard Edition is 32 bit only, Does it mean that it would be also 64 bit or will it disappear?

I currently only use 32 bit, but intend to move to 64 bit at my next upgrade. As long as there is plenty of warning (say 2 years?) I'm comfortable with AB only offering 64 bit in the future.

I would also be happy with 64-bit only. It's simpler and we have performance advantages.

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