Only 64-bit editions?

I use only the 32 bit version of Amibroker, with 32 bit ActiveX automation components. This components doesn't work with Amibroker 64 bit...

Maintaining the old 32-bit version only takes away from Tomasz' precious time. Time that would be better spent with adding new features to AB64. Therefore I suggest to drop support for AB32 as soon as possible.

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I would vote for a Linux version instead of maintaining the 32 bit edition.


I only use 64 bit version.

Like @Steve and @beppe , I use them both for a similar reason.


I use both 64bits and, on a recover PC, a 32 bits version.

Other producer (I think MultiCharts) have initially dismissed 32 bits but now have restarted to publicly release 32 bits version.

I use only the 64 bit version.

I have been using the x64 bit version since it came out. I'm very happy with it. I also use the x64 bit version of other third party products if they are available.

Please mantain the 32bit also. Personally I use some afl that use plugins that are not available for 64bit

I´ve been using only 64bit version since i bought Ami.

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I am using 64bit version, initially i just started with 32 bit.
I think the data plugin maybe problem because i found all not having 64bit plugin.

I use 32-Bit because of some ODBC source limitations - If you do move to entirely 64-bit - may be a Sunset period might help.


Sanjiv Bansal

A bigger sample to consider, based upon Norgate Data users. Norgate Data requires AmiBroker v6.0+

80% of our AmiBroker user base use 64-bit
28% of our AmiBroker user base use 32-bit

8% have both. They may not even be using the 32 bit version, so it's probably closer to 80:20.

PS - this does not consider our legacy Premium Data user base - but they are gradually moving to Norgate Data anyway.

I subscribe to the legacy Norgate EOD data and purchased the Amibroker Standard Edition which is only available as a 32 bit version.

I would download and use a 64 bit version if it was available but I don't need the additional features available in the Professional Version.

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I agree, time to adapt for all, move all to AB64. Not worth spending resources on both

Yes if lazy recompile their plugin.

I don't think this is a good idea.
I am still using 32-bit because the 64 bit version doesn't support data from TC2000.
I am using TC2000 data it is the only data provider who updates EOD data every 20' and I can use explorations to scan for possible buy candidates 10' before the close in order to avoid next day's inflated prices at the open.

I think the 32 bit version should enter maintenance mode (bug fixes only for 1 to 2 years) to give time to customers to make the switch.

I don't think that's going to help because it is not exactly in the AB users hands. There are some very good users still using it because they are held back most likely because of only 32b plugins from the Data Vendors.

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Since several years i am using AB under Crossover/ Linux.
(Crossover from the Wine developers). However it actually is a paid (and licensed) version of Wine.
I could not successfully install the 64 bit version of Amibroker.
However the 32 bit version works in a perfect manner.
So if you wish to support Linux users i may call to keep a 32 version alive.