Open file pdf on amibroker

can amibroker open pdf files?
if possible how to do it?
or is there a plugin or afl to open pdf files on amibroker?

Well it can technically open any file (via fopen). But opening the file is not equivalent to actually using the content of the file.

PDF is a "portable document format" that contains zipped rendering instructions, designed mainly for printing and/or publication of books and similar documents that require precise formatting. It consists of lots of formatting-only (layout) information. It is not designed for data exchange.
Having said that, there are converters for PDF that convert PDF to text and/or CSV. Some of them are available on-line, some as standalone programs. See

Many of these programs perform poorly but when I needed to convert PDF to CSV I found one that does quite a good job:

Once data are converted to text / CSV format, it can be read and used easily.