Please help me to program the AFL in the following condition: - time frame 5 min, 15 min, 30 min

  1. Today is the first day and 1st candle range should be less than 1%
  2. If 1st candle's open price = low of same candle and next candle breaks the high of 1st candle , add some buffer for the high break
  3. Go long when no 2 fullfills StopLoss Low of 1st candle with some buffer
  4. If 1st candle's open=high then go short if next candle breaks the low of 1st candle, please add again some buffer
  5. SL is the high of 1st candle with some buffer
  6. we can make this even much better by adding sectors index scanning with above mentioned criteria. and add those sectors stocks first

@mk0902sh, welcome to the forum.

As you READ more you will see that the best way to get assistance here is to show your work/effort and ask specific questions about what you are having difficulty with. This forum is not meant to be a "free" coding service.

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