Open MicroSoft Word Files in Web Research Window

Good Morning to Fellow AmiBroker Users,

Continuing with the discussion at AmiBroker WebResearch Window & OneNote , I again worked this week on understanding WYSIWYG editors. Honestly I could not understand how to make them work with minimum programming.

However, I found another article on the web about how to open Microsoft word files in IE

It seemed to give me hope that I will be able to open Word Files directly in AmiBroker Web Research Window - and that would serve my purpose nicely.
(However, it is an old article and Windows 10 does seem to allow to easily setup for opening Word files in IE)

Will appreciate it very much if experienced users here can guide - how I can arrange so that Local Word Files OPEN in AmiBroker Web Research Window if they are called from there.

With Regards

Sanjiv Bansal

Web research window is supposed to display web / HTML pages, not Word Documents.
You should rather convert your documents to HTML format than trying to do all the wresting.

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