Open multiple chart files at once

Amibroker v6.38.0 Oct 15 2020

I have 15+ saved chart windows with markup (one per ticker) that I want open when I start Amibroker.

This would be much easier if the Open dialog was multi select. So, I open each chart one by one.

However, the ticker name does not seem to be saved as an attribute of the chart. So, when I open the chart, it picks up the ticker name from the last open chart, and I have to set the correct ticker, and then the markup appears.

If I then edit the chart (add new trend line, etc), if I click Save, those changes are saved to the *.chart file on disk.

If I then close and reopen Amibroker, the charts are still open (so it starts where I left off), but the link to the saved file is lost. If I then edit the chart and click Save, it tries to save unnamed.chart.

I looked to see if I could create a batch to open multiple charts, but that doesn't seem to be an option.

Please advise re: 1) open multiple charts in one action, 2) have the saved chart open to the correct ticker, and 3) loss of link between the chart and the underlying file when Amibroker is closed.


What you are looking for should be done with Window Layouts.

Scroll down to that topic here.

Thanks. I have read the doc, but sometimes you forget things. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

I suspect the answer is no, but I'll ask anyway...

Is there any way to load my separate *.chart files (with all their trend lines, support/resistance, etc) into the pane of a new blank chart window?

Also, I just did a quick test:

New blank chark
Dragged Price (all in one) onto the chart
Changed the active ticker to my ticker
Renamed the pane to the ticker name
Did the same thing for two more tickers
Saved the chart as My Portfolio.chart
Closed and reopened the chart

The three panes are there, but the ticker is incorrect.

Is there no way to bind the ticker name to a chart or chart pane when I save the chart? It would be REALLY nice if I could set up all the panes, including the ticker name, and have things be just the way they were when I close and reopen that chart.

I don't think chart panes is what I want. But I do think I'm onto something...

As I said, I have one saved chart with markup (studies) for each ticker in my portfolio. I opened up each chart as a separate chart window, then selected Save Template. I don't know if that saved all the open charts in the template, or just the current one. In any case, I closed all charts, created a new blank chart, then selected Load Template.

Next, I created a watchlist for each ticker in my portfolio. When I scroll through the watchlist with up/down arrows, about half the charts display with the markup for that ticker. The other half are just the default indicator without the markup.

I have no clue why some charts display the markup and others don't. If they all displayed the markup, I'd be happy with this approach.

@LinusVanPelt, please, see also this thread
for another approach.

Re-read about layouts. Layouts, not templates. Slowly and carefully. They are all you need.

Once you saved a layout you can load it with double click. Layout includes multiple chart setup, including selected symbols.

And no dont use .chart files. Just double click on layouts in the layouts window. This way you switch layouts super quickly.

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Thanks Tomasz.

I created a blank chart, dragged in price, selected my symbol.
In the Layouts tab:
RMB Local layouts, Save, nothing happened. I expected something like "Unnamed" to mimic saving an unsaved chart.
RMB Save As, I saved the layout as Test.
Closed the chart.

When I double click the Test layout, nothing happens.
When I RMB the Test layout, select Open, again nothing happens.
Same if I save the layout in Global layouts, which from my read of the documentation only applies to per-database vs. all databases and is thus irrelevant for this issue.

I have a non-standard, not out of the box configuration. Could this be the issue?

In Preferences, AFL:
Standard include path:
Formula tree root path:

C:\Program Files\AmiBroker\Layouts contains Local layouts.awl, last modified today.
C:\Users\scott\OneDrive\Amibroker\Layouts is empty.

Otherwise, I recently did an update in place (did not uninstall first) to the latest version 6.38.0.