Open New Database While Download Data from Amiquotes

Hi All,

Lets say, I have 2 databases. Right now, I choose "tools - auto update quotes (Amiquotes)", then Amiquotes download the data. Before the download finish, I choose "file - recent database" and choose other database.
The question is what will happen? is the amiquotes will continue update (in the background) the older database before I open other database? or amiquotes will move to update the other database and stop update the older database? or maybe other action?

Thank you in advance.

Each time it imports, it connects to FIRST running instance. So as long as you don't close the instance that was started first, it will continue to update that instance.

"close the instance" it means dont open other database / usually i choose "file - recent database" and choose from that list, right?

No. Closing Instance means closing running instance of the application (AmiBroker), in other words, closing (exiting) the AmiBroker program.

ah okay Tomasz.

thank you.

Hi Tomasz,

Want to update this topic after I tried to execute.
To clarify, let me put my question in the image below.

The problem is when I want to perform action in step 3 WHILE running the step 2, the amiquotes will stop update database A and move to update database B. So in database B will have tickers and data from database A.

Is there any solutions for amiquotes to update database A without update database B?

Run instance A first and it will just work (AmiQuote will update instance A only).
It just works, no need for any special "solution".

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