Open two instances of AFL Editor?

Anyone know if there is a way to open two instances of the AFL Editor?

I would like to compare two versions of code on two monitors.

If you want to visualize 2 or more AFL simultaneously you can open them and than you tile horizontaly or verticaly (menu Window)


There are two editor modes:

  1. Separate Editor frame (default option)
  2. MDI editor window (MDI == Multi-Document-Interface)

How to turn one of both ones off and the other one on?
Answer: Simply go to Tools-Preferences-Editor and check or uncheck “Use separate frame”

  1. if it is checked then separate frame is in use. That frame is using tabs! So it makes no sense to have multiple frames being opened.
  2. if mentioned option is unchecked then editor is used in MDI mode and is part of main AB UI.

So simply uncheck “Use separate frame”. Then open two editor tabs (i.e. via File-New-Formula) and on each editor tab do a right click with your mouse and choose “Floating”. Then you will have two separately detached editors. Or instead of applying “Floating” go to Window-Tile horizontally or Tile vertically.


fxshrat - the walking AmiBroker encyclopedia :wink:

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BTW, there are better more professional ways to compare two formulas (better for your and my eyes) than staring at two frames and searching for differences. For example there are programs such as “Beyond Compare”. Such programs highlight differences between two text files automatically and offer several filters.

For sure there are free alternatives to beyond compare.
But personally I’ve been using latter one for years.

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Hopefully I’m not going to become a walking dead one once the time will come in a few decades from now (or tomorrow?). :cross:


I don't see the option Tools-Preferences-Editor-"Use separate editor frame" in my Preferences (v6.22).

Am I looking in the right place?

@Dave, yes you are at the right place.

If your programs have more than a few lines you can more effectively
compare two programs (or any file) using WinMerge (free). I use it all the
time and couldn’t live without it.

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Thanks fxshrat, I’m not only dumb, but blind too!

Your solution works and solves the problem.

I have UltraCompare for detailed comparisons, but the two screen solution is for broader comparisons. I find the vertically tiled two-in-the-one-window solution doesn’t show me quite enough code for a broad view.

Thanks to all for your help.

Nice tool Herman. Will definitely add that to the toolbox. Thanks.


Please see the list of common comparison tools below. This is the list I rely on but it is by no means complete.

I use Notepad++ because I like the way it colors the differences and it is also free. Though, the selection is mainly a matter of taste and I know that different people use different tools.

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Notepad++ plugin too

Also Notepad++ has a Plugin > Compare which I have used a bit with success to compare different versions of AFL.

Absolutely the simplest way is to use

Window->Tile Vertically

from AFL Editor window menu.

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Great feature, once again. :+1:

Yes, of course the separate editor frame does have Window-Tile… options too.
I possibly ignored to mentioned it since the OP was asking about

So floating mode of MDI editor comes the closest to “two instances” of editor windows being detached from main AB UI.

I recommend Meld for side-by-side file compare and merge. It’s free and works great.

Visual Code can do this (text compare) easily!