Opening/Zooming image attachments

Hi all,
Just wondering if any else can open/zoom images that are being attached/pasted in forum posts? The images are presented in a smaller size and mostly non readable to me.

The site doesn't seem to have feature to view or zoom image attachements. I have to right click and save, then open them in my PC's image viewers in order to see them in their original size.


Right click image and choose "View Image" (e.g. in Firefox). Then image will be shown with original size.

Firefox context menu after right click on image

Or right click image and press 'i' key on keyboard.


Thanks @fxshrat. Just realised about that feature.
In Chrome and Internet Explorer the similar right click option is "Open image in new tab" and "Open link in new tab", respectively. But the feature is greyed out in Internet Explorer, somehow.