Optimise 3D Graph Viewer

Hi AB Community,

I have started playing around with the Optimizer feature in AB, specifically, the AB 3D Graph viewer. It's an interesting feature and anticipate I'll use a bit more of it later as I familiarize myself with running multi-scenarios.

However, I have initially found the "Animate (Space)" feature rotates the 3D object way too fast for my interpretation and demonstration.

Is there an option to adjust how fast the 3D object rotates in space?


As far as I know there is not. However, just use the "Animate (Space)" start/stop button to suit.

Rotation speed can be controlled by how fast you move the mouse. Click on 3d Chart, hold DOWN, drag and release mouse button. This way you will start spinning. Depending on mouse movement speed in drag&release phase the graph will spin faster or slower.

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