Optimization result with ver. 6.30.5

I just moved to v6.30.5 from v6.10.0 last day, it runs well and faster except optimization. I have same scripts with same backtest settings running both on v6.30.5 and on v6.10.0, but some of results in v6.30.5 were quite different from results in v6.10.0. When I put those parameters in the script and backtest them, it seems optimization result in v6.30.5 are wrong. And there is no problem with result producing in v6.10.0.
I have optimized most of my scripts and got the same result. Highly appreciated for any help or clues.

6.30.5 and 6.10 produce same results if SAME formula, SAME settings and SAME data are used

If on your end you see something else please check these articles:

@Tomasz Thanks a lot for your time, and I will look into it to see if something goes wrong.