Optimizing over all available indicators

Hello amibroker community,
I'm looking for a way to make the search for the appropriate indicator more efficient.
Is there a way in Amibroker similar to OPTIMIZE, instead of testing different parameters for one indicator, to test all indicators available in Amibroker (e.g. with standard parameters)?
This would allow you to see in one run which indicator can be used to improve the system and then use OPTIMIZE to find the optimal parameters in the next step

thanks for any hint

Each indicator has different ways of using it. Some are oscillators (high pass filters), some are smoothers (low pass filters).
If you wanted to optimize for "all available indicators" you would need to write code that implements different interpretation techniques to values produced by each and every indicator, like this:

indicator = Optimize("IndicatorNo", 1, 1, 2, 1 );

switch( indicator )
   case 1:
      // MACD zero crossover
     Buy = Cross( MACD(), 0 );
     Sell = Cross( 0, MACD() );
   case 2:
     // RSI overbuy/oversell
     Buy = Cross( RSI(), 30 );
     Sell = Cross( 70, RSI() );
   case 3:
     .... and so on....
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Thank you very much Thomas, I will do that.
then I only have to do the work once to build the “library”.

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