Osaka dll and version 6.38

I am trying to help a friend who upgraded to v 6.38 from 6.30. He uses a formula I created which applies the 64 bit Osaka dll. The formula works fine in his 6.30 version, but returns an syntax error 30 code unidentified function message when he tries to plot it in v 6.38. It does not recognize the following line:

tableID = osTabCreate();

He copied the OSAKA dll 64 bit version into the Plugins folder when he upgraded, and then copied his custom indicators into the folders from the older version. He is using Windows 10.

I am considering upgrading to 6.38, but would like to know if there is any compatibility issue between Osaka 64 bit and 6.38 before I do.

Thank you as always for your help.


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Osaka x64 (64bit) plugin requires Visual C++ 2015 runtime.

AmiBroker 6.38 x64 uses and installs newer runtime (2017-2019), so to use Osaka with AmiBroker 6.38 x64 you have to additionally, manually install old runtime VC++2015 x64 (64-bit)


Thank you for your prompt and thorough reply. I will forward this to my friend, and make note of it for myself to have when I upgrade to v 6.38.

Thank you for your product and help,


You do NOT need to do that if you are really upgrading from previous version that was build with earlier compiler (such as 6.20).

Thank you Tomasz....

I will probably buy a new machine before I upgrade. At that time, (1) would it be better for me to reinstall my current version 6.30, and then upgrade immediately thereafter, or (2) install 6.38 and then download the 2015 runtime. If I do (1), if I understand, it would seem I could proceed without a download of 2015 runtime. I s this correct?

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It does not matter at all. You don't need to re-install / uninstall anything. Really all that wresting is pointless. ANY version can be installed. If you need runtime just install it. Re-installing / uninstalling is pointless.


Thank you very much. I apologize for my computer ineptitude. It shows with my questions sometimes. Thank you for being patient and generous with your help.


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