OSAKA sort -- replace with matrix

@vipul, I prefer not to share it since the original code is not mine.

I only modified it to get an overview of the times spent in different parts of the formula to measure the performance of a matrix implementation vs. Osaka to address this OP remark:

If converting to matrices would be much faster for these purposes, I would like to convert.

This thread explains precisely what to do. Please reread the @fxshrat and @Tomasz posts carefully to learn how to do it yourself: it will be a lot better learning experience than getting the translated formula from me.

On the other hand, if you just would like to sort a matrix keeping also track of a "labels" (strings) column, in the previous post, I shared a way to do it.

In any case, if you need to manage/sort a table with (multiple) text columns, it's probably better to continue using the Osaka plugin.

Thanks sir,
i will try my best.

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fxshrat, Beppe , Tomasz: (Osaka to Matrix)

Thank all of you for your very substantial help. The code from fxshrat was an enormous benefit (emphasis added) and got me almost to my finish point, as were the comments from Beppe on potential efficiencies from conversion that kept me on this, and of course Tomasz' review of suggestions made in these postings. I had trouble, and put these suggestions away for awhile, but decided I was going to sort this out for the new year since I use several of these types of sorts. Sorted everything out today

Once again, thank all of you very much for your help

Happy New Year,