Overlay an indicator in the chart and edit this

Hello, if I put an indicator directly over the chart with "overlay" and then make changes with the editor and re-save it, the indicator is not updated in the chart. Why is the change not applied? I delete the indicator from the chart every time and put it back on the chart, which is inconvenient. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for your help.

@swbo1810, if you Right Click and do "Insert Linked" instead of "Insert" or "drag and drop" the indicator, then when you edit it, it should update when you save and verify your code.

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@snoopy.pa30, thank you very much for your help. "Insert" and "Insert Linked" always insert the indicator only as a separate panel/pane. A change to the indicator with the editor is then always updated. - Only with "overlay" it inserts the indicator in the chart and there the change is not updated. You could work with PlotOHLC(), but does it always have to be like this? Or do I have a thinking error? Thanks.

@swbo1810, OK, with Overlay, the code for the indicator is placed in the code for your main chart.

To edit the overlaid code, you would have to edit the main chart running code (right click within the chart and select Edit Formula). Note that this code edit will not edit the initial indicator code that was overlaid into the main chart.

Be aware that the editing of the combined main chart and indicator is from the drag and drop version, not the plain indicator version.

@snoopy.pa30, ok, I understand. Thank you very much.

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