Overwriting incorrect data

Can incorrect quotes downloaded from Yahoo be overwritten with quotes from Stooq?

@PG123, AFAIK, every time you import full quotes into Amibroker, it will overwrite all existing data for the specified period. It is the same whether done using Amiquote, ASCII import, Import Wizard or OLE.
(The exception is using HYBRID mode, but this doesn't seem like your case).

Of course the "tickers" should be exactly the same (I'm not familiar with Stooq but I think their international stocks - eg from the US - have a .US suffix which Yahoo doesn't use).
Using the Import Wizard you can "force" the import to a specific ticker using the $TICKER command in "Additional Commands" (if it is present in the ASCII data file, skip the existing ticker column)

The problem is that it took quotes from American companies from Yahoo and Polish companies from stooq. Simply overwriting the full quotes from stooq does not fix the errors that appeared on the charts.