P&F. Point and Figure

I would like to inquire about P&F (point and figure) indicator for Amibroker 6.0. Before upgrading to 6.0 version, I often used some P&F as Attachments for my TA trading. However, when upgrading to Ami V.6.0.02, it always show error 31 (syntax error). I made some attempts on replacing 'Reverse ' to 'Reversevar'. But it still show 31 syntax error.
Please suggest solution or idea to sort this out.?

Many thanks

I don’t think you replace ALL the words as you said, that’s why in your foto the Error arrow stops in reverse word to show you and tell you “Hey man you forgot me”.
Try to replace more carefully again

You did not replace all occurrences. I sent you the code over support. The key function to use is:

Edit->Replace and then REPLACE ALL button


More on that subject is as always in the Knowledge Base:

can any body please post afl file for true P&F chart