Parallel trendlines with automatic middle line?

Is it possible in Amibroker to draw two additional trendlines as parallels to a first line in one motion with the mouse to create a channel with upper line, middle line, and lower line? For instance click the mouse on two points to set the first trendline then move the mouse upward or downward to create a parallel trendline as a channel including an automatically drawn middle line between the upper and lower trendlines ? While moving the mouse upward / downward the upper and lower lines would move inward or outward from the middle line until setting the parallel exterior line.

If not available in Amibroker, what other software includes this feature?



@joe60609 you can see that is possible using the built in charting tools

What you are describing sounds like a regression channel,a%20Linear%20Regression%20trend%20line.

Which you can also do programatically

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