Paralleling of Amibroker on multiple machines

Dear Forum,

I use Amibroker on multiple machines. While the base program is installed in C drive Program files, the databases are present in different drives. The amibroker afls & other paraphernalia rests in one folder which is configured under preferences.
IS there any way I can mirror the settings across the machines, just by changing the drive names.
Also if I wish to mirror a particular database, what files I should copy & shouldn’t copy to the mirror site?

Basically would it mean paralleling of layouts folder in the database folders?


Your best bet is to use exactly same folder names on both machines for everything. Otherwise you would have problems when syncing as path names would not match.

Next step of query would be that if I keep all my databases on server and parallel just the C:Program Files/Amibroker on individual machines; and access the databases & afls from server.

Would that automatically sync all cahnges made to databses &/or afls if I keep the server drive letter same across all m/cs?

Next part, what is the protocol for saving the changes?

Just a small add-on query, while I have kept the folder & drive names same in 2 m/cs; one is running a 32 bit version & another a 64 bit version. While copying the Amibroker folder from Program files folder, what are the files I shouldn't be copying? (Some exes would have different versions)

Don't copy .EXE and DLLs. The rest is described here: