Parameter Properties Shows Original title value After Rename

After renaming a formula within Amibroker's Charts panel, I have noticed that the parameter title bars on the corresponding chart panes, that contain the renamed formula, appear when the Parameter Properties dialog is opened.
I was wondering if this is intended by design?


We don’t update properties window title every second. Just close the window and re-open it.

@Tomasz Thanks, but I had renamed the formula several weeks ago. Amibroker was stopped and restarted many times since then. I Just noticed it today. The only way to get the title to match the formula was to remove the chart pane and then recreate it. Thought you would want to know!

It is updated when you APPLY the changes in the editor. So easy way to update it is just to right click, Edit formula then press Apply button in the editor.

@tomas Clicking Apply from within the AFL editor updates the Parameter property sheet title exactly as you stated. Thanks!