Parameter window behavior with multiple analysis windows


I run backtests on several variations of a common theme. Their AFL codes share parameters with the same name (for example Lookback1 = Param("Lookback", 10, 5, 20, 1).

When I open a second analysis, with code that uses the same parameter as the already open one, the parameter window updates to the default value specified in the code. But it also updates the common parameter values that appear when I switch back to the first analysis.

Conversely, if I then change a shared parameter value in the first analysis I find that the value of the second analysis is changed as well.

As if the values for parametes with common names are not unique to the underlying analysis.

My guess is that the only way around this behavior is to create parameter names that are completely unique (like Lookback1AnalysisA and Lookback1AnalysisB).

Am I missing something?

Thanks for confirmation or any other guidance,


@schling a simpler alternative (if you have only few variations and would like to compare them arranging the application windows on your screen) is to open separate instances of Amibroker and run one Analysis in each of them.

Hello, forgot to say thanks. Will remember this option!

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