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I saved a chart template as default and made two more charts , to show a ticker in 3 diff time-frames. When I change the value of the parameters in one chart they change in all the charts. Is there a setting I can chick to link or un-link this?



I did notice the chart ID was the same but it was locked, is there a way after the fact to change it ?

READ THE ARTICLE from @TrendSurfer reply - it explains EVERYTHING including answering your question (Paste SPECIAL command).

It didn't quite address adding a new default chart. In this case adding a new default chart is linked with same chart ID. Hopefully , if someone else reads this if they want to copy a setup to a new widow unlinked , use the copy and not the " (+) button new default chart ". I was looking to see if there was an attribute in settings somewhere to define default charts linked or unlinked.

thanks for the clairity

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