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Did this feature make it into AB 6.21.1 (or later)? @Tomasz mentioned the possibility, If yes, where?

Parameter Sections - Can they be "Minimised" by Default:
For what it is worth - in version 6.23 there will be an option to Collapse Parameter Sections in the Preferences…

I don't know why you write about 6.21.1 if Tomasz wrote, that it will be implemented in 6.23?

You could have easily found an answer to your question in two ways:

  1. The next release after 6.22 was 6.25 (there wasn't neither 6.23 nor 6.24) So checking 6.25 new features seems obvious.

  2. Using the search function would give you exactly the same results:



So yes it was implemented in 6.25:


You must admit, finding this wasn't that difficult.

About 10 seconds if you had used the search functionality..


@Milos … I blame myself on being up too late last night to celebrate the New Year! I plead guilty to all my mistakes you mentioned! Regardless @Milos, you came thru once again and I really appreciate your help. I looked at the chart preferences many times yet somehow missed the last option to “Collapse parameter sections (not recommended)”

Thank You!