ParamTrigger - Functionality in Analysis Parameters Window

Can someone clarify if the ParamTrigger() works in the analysis window? If not, is there an alternate way to accomplish the same thing from the analysis parameters window?

	ParamSaveTriggered  = ParamTrigger (paramText="Click to clear static variables","Clear static variables");
	if (ParamSaveTriggered){ _TRACE("AFL - ParamSaveTriggered = " + ParamSaveTriggered);}else {_TRACE("No ParamSaveTriggered");}

You should be able to write 5 lines of code to test this yourself

symbol = Name(); 
clear  = ParamTrigger ("clear static variables", "" ) ; 
if ( clear ) 
StaticVarRemove ("test*" ); 

Filter = 1; 
AddtextColumn ( StaticVarGettext (symbol + "test" ), "variable" ); 

StaticVarSetText( symbol +  "test", symbol );  

After running code snippet provided to save static variable, then commenting out StaticVarSetText, I find that the ParamTrigger does not work with the Explore (or Backtest) in the Analysis. In other words , the StaticVar is not removed.

I guess I was actually asking if others see the same behavior that I do, and if so, can someone (e.g. @Tomasz) suggest an alternative method for use in the Analysis window?

It would be useful if ParamTrigger worked the same in Analysis Window as it does it the Chart Window.

ParamTrigger causes ONE execution when ParamTrigger is changed, it is solely for Charts. Analysis don't execute "once", because it needs to execute WHEN Scan/Exploration/Backtest/Optimization is run and not once because it is run for every symbol in the Filter.