Parsing a csv file containing possible buy/short candidates to generate buy/sell signals

The issue I am facing to is similar

I am looking at parsing a csv file containing possible trade list. I need to validate them further to buy and sell signals which I am able to do using SetForeign(symbol,fixup=True, tradeprices=True).

However I am not getting correct results in explore. Is there a way, I can run explore by selecting the current symbol in afl itself. Something similar to if SetOption takes a option ApplyTo of a symbol.

Basically I need to traverse thru the FilterList for each line in csv file.


To parse a CSV you first need to consider the File Input/Output functions from the Categorized list of functions (scroll below). Then using StrExtract you will able to get the job done.

Here are code snippets that I am referring to.


To add, if you search Amibroker knowledge base and this forum further you will also get some examples in this regard.