Passing variables from AFL to AUTOHOTKEY (AHK)

The goal is to create a button in a chart, that, upon clicked would pass the value of a variable (from AFL) onto a control of an external application.

I am ignorant about the later, whether AFL can directly communicate with controls of an external application. If not, then, I am comfortable using AHK. In order to make that happen, do I need an intermediate scripting language (VBScript or JavaScript) between AFL and AHK?

Please help me out with suitable options. Highly appreciate your support!

Hello Lennon
I think you must be more specific, as an external application can be anything.
At this moment my mind goes in three things,

  1. one is to save the value in a file.txt, then read it with your external App
  2. or to use ClipboardSet() ClipboardGet()
  3. or CreateObject()

Good luck

edit: 4. solution is to pay someone to make a DLL for you

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@PanoS Thank you very much for your kind suggestions.

Sincere apologies for replying this late. Was engrossed with life!

Option 1: I found this as the most suitable one. Using File IO functions from AFL was able to easily open/write/append/close a .txt file. Then, using ShellExecute from AFL was able to run a JScript which in turn would run an AHK file as an Administrator (wherein the AHK reads the .txt file, looks after the Controls of the external application and place the values in the respective TextBoxes/Comboxes).
Could have run the AHK directly from AFL avoiding Jscript route, but, had to, since AFL’s ShellExecute always uses “open” verb and does not allow “runas”.

Option 2: Good one! Could be helpful later.

Option 3: I am stuck with these concepts. A lot to learn in this regard!
Could you please suggest a starting point for me to learn C++ COM, OLE, Interface creation such that applications could interact/communicate with each other? Would be a great help!

Option 4: Being a college-goer and trading with a minuscule amount, won’t be able to afford. Moreover, what would I do, when my ideas would evolve - I need to learn !

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