Path error to indicators (Formulas. AFL)

After a fresh re-install of 6.00.2 in Win 10 Version 1709 (x64), about a week later I keep getting path errors, such that no indicators are shown in the chart tab. I tried running AB as admin, checked that AB is an approved app in my AV software, and ensured that \Program Files\Amibroker was not locked by the AV software. FYI - the charts appear immediately after an uninstall and re-install, but after several days, the path error appears with no indicators being shown. Does this sound like a Windows issue that emerges after the install, or an AV issue, or AB?

Check Current working directory. It must be set properly in "Start in" field in the shortcut to the directory where AmIBroker is installed. It is set correctly after running setup.

Without proper working directory relative paths don't work.

Also good idea is to exclude data files from AV scan as antiviruses intercept operating system file functions.

Thanks Tomasz, will look into this. Interestingly, when I looked for the Amibroker folder in C:\Program Files (the 64-bit AB is installed), the folder is not there(???)

Your antivirus is probably playing games with you if "after few days" things stop working.
They could do things like "quarantine" your plain text files (AFL formulas).
AV do many different (stupid) things including corruption of files Bad Image (0xC000020) error - McAfee gone mad

IMHO built in Windows antivirus is perfectly OK and you don't get all kind of AV problems:

It makes no sense to use antivirus that causes more damage by itself than the "threat" it is supposed to protect against. And your best antivirus is yourself and computer "hygiene" (not opening suspected attachments), before opening suspected file you can scan it with 50+ anti-viruses using

Tomasz, thanks for the information. The entire AB folder in Program Files was set to hidden, so a lot of needed files weren't being seen. L