Per-symbol web page, was: To add new fields in the Amibroker DB


I would like to add new fields in the Amibroker DB, I mean fields in the symbol info window.
This is because I am interested in having one in which I can put an image (url/path) and be able to draw the logo of the company with the symbol on the chart.

It only occurs to me to reuse some of those that exist but I really don't see any "free" field

I didn't find the answer in the forum

Thank very much for your help

You can use webid field for that purpose

Thanks Tomasz, but that field I'm currently using.

Is there any way I can create a new field?

Thank you very much

No, you can't "create a field" but you can:

  1. create a FILE (text file) that will hold any data you want (and read it via fopen/fgets/fclose)
  2. use webid as instructed earlier (you don't really need to store full URLs, you just store part that changes and use templates as instructed)
  3. you can (ab)use built-in notes and NoteSet/NoteGet functions for any purpose

Also if you say "that field I'm currently using" it is NOT clear, what prevents you from doing what you want, because if you used webid you would already be able to access image and draw it on the screen. You did not describe what you did already. You don't really need new fields to draw image. Please follow this advice: How to ask a good question

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