Performance after Windows Meltdown and Spectre patches

Hi to all,

Does anybody check change in Amibroker performance after installation Windows Meltdown and Spectre patches?

I've checked it on laptop running Windows 10 and it does not seem to impact AmiBroker performance. See also: Amibroker Dream Machine specs requested!

Tomash, thank you!

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Alexander Beloglazov

Intel has a post on their blog: that details performance impact on various CPUs and configurations. Interesting point that seems overlooked is that configurations with SSD suffer about 5% while configs with traditional HDD do not suffer at all or suffer less. That might suggest that the only real-world impact is coming from disk I/O, and that makes sense since patch slows down kernel access (i..e. for example kernel device drivers).


As it is usually better to have an enterprise raid (on chip) card like a LSI (now broadcom) megaraid card, than using monther board sata connection and/or software raid, even when connecting single non-raid volumes. I wonder if those are also affected?